Upcoming field trip – Forestof Dean

A heads up that there’s a field trip to the Forest of Dean on Sunday 27th Feb. We always meet at a location called New Fancy View, north of Parkend. This is an elevated viewpoint over the forest, atop what was an old mine spoil heap. It’s a good place to scan for Goshawk, and we have often seen Sparrowhawk, Buzzard, Crossbill, Siskin and the like from there. It’s short steep walk up and down on a dirt path. I suggest meeting there at 9:30. It’s about an hour and a quarter run from my house in Penarth, to give some idea. The location is marked on the map. You travel up the B4234 from Lydney, off the A48 from Chepstow. We will also visit nearby Parkend Church where the adjacent wood is a location for Hawfinch. There are other local sites to visit, including the RSPB Nags Head woodland reserve. Apart from the viewpoint most walking is more or less flat.

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