Ham Wall trip – change of date.

Due to an alert from another member and having done some Googling, there are predictions of huge volumes of returning traffic and resultant jams on the M5 on Sunday [and presumably also the M49/M4] as people return at the end of half term week and the 4 day bank holiday. We’ve experienced what the M5 can be like a couple of times previously when returning from Somerset, and it really spoils a nice day out to be sat in traffic jams trying to get home.

So reluctantly I have decided to postpone this trip to the following weekend, and to run it on the Saturday [11th June] as I am unavailable on the Sunday. I know a few folk have already booked, but I admit I didn’t think about what the traffic might be like. The RAC are predicting nearly 20 million road trips away this coming weekend.
Really sorry about this but I wasn’t thinking ahead, although to be fair the dates were decided on a year ago.
I have considered alternative routes back [e.g. A39 from Galstonbury, then A37 to Bristol but then there’s still M32/M4 to contend with.

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