Glamorgan Bird Club CIO AGM 2021

As foreshadowed in our recent newsletter which was emailed out and also linked to on our News blog on this site, it is the AGM of the Club on Tuesday 27th April at 7:30 p.m. via Zoom. A joining link has been emailed out. Those not receiving the group email and wish to attend should contact John Wilson in good time before the meeting, and he will email you the details. The holding of the AGM requires your trustees to publish for your perusal, various documents, which include the Trustees report for the year, and the accounts, and brief biographies of anyone standing for election as a trustee. These are all available below, by clicking on the links provided, whereupon pdf versions will be displayed and downloadable. NB NOTE TIME AMENDMENT TO 7:30 P.M.

John’s details for AGM login info:
m. 07999801645; e.


  1. Chairperson’s report on behalf of the trustees
  2. Treasurer’s report and adoption of the annual statement of accounts
  3. Election of trustees:
    [a] David Carrington [for re-election] – see below
    [b] Paul Denning [for re-election] – see below
    [c] Alan Rosney [for re-election] – see below
    [d] Ceri Jones [for election]
  4. Appointment of honorary officers [these posts are appointed by the trustees]:
    a) Chair
    b) Treasurer
    c) Secretary
  5. Appointment of auditor [this function is appointed by the trustees].

    Click here for a downloadable copy of this agenda and the notes below.

After the formal proceedings we shall hold a quiz (pen and paper at the ready).

The current trustees are Rob Bradshaw, David Carrington, Strinda Davies, Paul Denning, Jean Haslam, Wayne Morris, Alan Rosney, Rhos Williams, Anne Wilson and John Wilson. Those standing down are David Carrington, Paul Denning, Alan Rosney and Anne Wilson. David, Paul and Alan are willing to stand for re-election, whereas Anne has decided to step down.
Ceri Jones has put his name forward for election as a trustee, and is willing to act as treasurer if elected. Anyone wishing to put themselves forward for election should contact the Chair by 14th April with a short biography. The biographies of those already known to be standing for election/re-election are available below. Should you wish to submit a question/motion, please send it to the Chairperson by 14th April. There will be the opportunity to use the Zoom chat function during the meeting to ask questions, and one of the committee members wil be monitoring that function as the meeting proceeds. The elections during the meeting will be conducted using the Zoom Poll facility in anonymous mode. Please note that due to the nature of the Zoom polling function it will only be possible for there to be one vote per household. We do not envisage this causing any problems and hope that members understand. Also please note only paid up members are allowed to vote.
Chairpersons contact details:; Jean Haslam, 87 Woodlands Ave, Pencoed, Bridgend CF35 6UW.

Documents for the AGM – click each link to view/download

Trustees report 2020-2021 – click here
Accounts for 2020-2021 – click here – this shows the income & expenditure on page 1 and the balance sheet on page 2 – also please see the note below.
Biography for Ceri Jones – click here.
Biography for Alan Rosney – click here.
Biography for Paul Denning – click here
Biography for David Carrington – click here

Accounts notes: the full income and expenditure account is shown as is the balance sheet which has now been agreed with the auditor, but will not be officially signed off until he can be met in person.

Also for information, the income and expenditure account for 2019-2020 and the balance sheet for 31-03-2020 are available here. Due to circumstances at the time these were not shared on the website, but they were submitted to and accepted by the Charities Commission as announced at the time.