About Glamorgan Bird Club

Enjoying & conserving local birdlife

As the home page says, the Club was formed in 1989, emerging from the Ornithological section of the Cardiff Naturalists Society. We’re dedicated to the enjoyment, study and conservation of the bird life in this part of South Wales and we aim to cater for the needs of all birdwatchers in the area, and membership is open to all and ranges from beginners and back-garden birdwatchers to those who are professionally involved in conservation. Our common interest is the enjoyment of birds.

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For many years the logo on the right was the logo of The Glamorgan Bird Club. Possibly not obvious to many younger birders now, this is a Little Whimbrel, a first for the UK which turned up at Kenfig way back in 1982, and gave rise to a BIG twitch for the time. Subsequent to the change of charitable status of the Club to Glamorgan Bird Club CIO [see below] is was felt that a ‘re-branding’ was appropriate, and the new logo featuring the albeit common Wheatear was chosen and designed. This was chosen as being the species that often arrives along our coast and marks the arrival of spring, breeds in our upland areas, and is often seen along our coast as it departs, marking the arrival of autumn.

The Club became a registered charity in June 2009, but is now a Charitable Incorporated Organisation or CIO [see below], and the membership is usually about 300. Click here for our constitution.

We have a variety of roles. We are keen to bring the enjoyment of bird watching to as many people as possible, whatever their level of knowledge. Within the membership are a good number of very experienced bird watchers who are able to provide valuable help and advice to the less experienced amongst us.

Each quarter, members receive a newsletter keeping them informed about the activities of the club – (you can see some past editions {by clicking here}.


There are regular indoor meetings on a wide range of subjects. These are designed both to entertain and inform the membership. We also run monthly field trips to well-known bird watching spots both within and outside Glamorgan. Led by some of our more experienced members, they are very popular, and the latter gives access to birds that are not normally to be found in the Glamorgan area. A monthly walk takes place at Kenfig National Nature Reserve. Click here to see a list of all the birds ever seen on Club trips [as far as memory and records permit!] – there are 279 of them!!

Small groups of Club members have also undertaken a few overseas trips, reports of which can be found here under ‘Glamorgan Bird Club members ‘small group’ trips’. These have produced an impressive list of 394 species seen – click here to see.

The club is actively involved in conservation and survey work. We have been involved in providing information to planning bodies, local authorities and the like. As such, we are in a position to lobby such bodies in the interests of the bird life of the area.

Charitable status

Glamorgan Bird Club is now a Registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation no: 1177991

The conversion to a CIO was approved by members at the 2018 AGM as was  the transfer of the assets (after the settlement of its proper debts and liabilities) of The Glamorgan Bird Club to Glamorgan Bird Club Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), following its registration with the Charity Commission, and to dissolve The Glamorgan Bird Club.

The constitution submitted by Glamorgan Bird Club CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) with its registration application to the Charity Commission, can be seen here.


We have developed a safeguarding policy for everyone taking part in Club activities.

Health and Safety

We are conscious of health and safety issues. Please see the risk assessment document. Click the following links to see H&S advice on walks and field trips and nest box making.

Data protection

Under the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) we now have a privacy policy.

Code of conduct for volunteers

The committee has now drawn up a common sense list of guidelines to define expected standards of behaviour for any GBC member taking part in voluntary activities and helps ensure they understand what behaviour is expected of them.

Social Media policy

This policy outlines the standards GBC requires appointed persons to observe when using social media – click here to see.

Expenses policy

Due in some part to the cost of fuel nowadays, the committee has developed and decided on an expenses policy so that members officially representing the Club in approved ways, can claim back their expenses. If you need to make a claim, you can download a form.

Climate Change Emergency Policy

After some discussion in committee we decided to draft a Climate Change Emergency Policy by which we could commit to various actions to try and reduce the Club’s affects on climate change by virtue of our activities. The policy document can be seen & downloaded here.

Inclusivity, Equality and Divsersity

Glamorgan Bird Club is committed to embedding equality and inclusion in all of its practices, referring to the characteristics of age, disabilities, gender, race, religion and belief, marriage and civil partnerships, sexual orientation, gender reassignment and pregnancy. We aim to celebrate diversity and be free from discrimination. Everyone is welcome at GBC events and activities.
August 2020