Field trip this w/e to Dare Valley CP

A bit short notice for which apologies. Most people have been alerted via the email group and on FB. We have a field trip to Parc Cwm Dare aka Dare Valley CP this coming Sunday, 13th June. As per current arrangements please email me, John Wilson, if you want to attend. Full details about the current field trip arrangements are on the Field Trips page of this site – click here. Plan is to meet in the car park at 9:30 a.m. Parking is free. Bring a packed lunch.

AGM 2021 -a summary

The 2021 AGM took place on 27th April and was attended via Zoom by 27 participants for which we are very grateful. It was followed by an excellent and enjoyable quiz devised by Alan Rosney. Thanks Alan! Minutes have been compiled by reference to the recording made of the meeting and can be seen, together with the accounts, on the GBC documents page on this site – click here to go there, and scroll down to the bottom. The minutes contain verbatim, our Chairperson’s [Jean Haslam] Trustees report.

Zoom presentation, Weds 5th May

Alert! We have organised another Zoom presentation for next Wednesday, 5th May 7:30 p.m.. This one is by Rob Thomas of Cardiff University who will be talking about the ‘Conservation of Welsh woodland birds in a changing environment’. An email invite with a link has been sent out to those on our News email group. If you’re not on that and wish to attend then please email John Wilson in good time, and he will email you the link. John is on johndw1948 ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com.

Newsletter April 2021 – contains AGM notice

Alan Rosney has just published our newsletter for April 2021. This has been emailed out electronically as a pdf document. It is now uploaded to GBC’s storage on Google Drive so can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on this link.

This one is top notch and contains lots of info, and importantly also contains notice of the AGM which of necessity is being held virtually via Zoom, as per our recent ‘indoor’ meetings. An invite link will be sent out nearer the time.

Photos for the 2020 Bird Report

It’s time we started collecting together potential images for the 2020 East Glam Bird Report [EGBR] now that all the records are in and work will soon start on writing up species summaries.
First of all our photo editor for the last 23 years has been Club member Richard Smith [indeed Richard was one of the founding members of GBC]. Richard has now decided to pass the baton on and we are truly very grateful for the excellent job he has done for all that time. It is worth recording that his ‘term of office’ started in the pre-digital age when we were collecting in colour prints and transparencies, which had to be scanned, either by ourselves or the printer. Many thanks Richard. The good news is that we already have a new photo editor in Club member Tom Wright of Ewenny. Tom is one of our younger members and a good photographer in his own right. So many thanks Tom for stepping into the breach.
Basically we are after images taken in our area in 2020. Rather than elaborate fully here, all details about what is required, together with Tom’s contact details and ways of transferring images, have been put together in a pdf guide which can be downloaded by clicking here.

Upcoming Zoom presentation

Glamorgan Bird Club is very excited to promote one of our upcoming events. As part of our on-going Swift project, we have the founder of the Swift Conservation organisation, Edward Mayer, presenting an on-line lecture “Swifts- birds we can help”. Edward will be telling us all about this charismatic urban bird and the work that is going on to conserve them. Edward set up “London Swifts” in 2002, which later morphed in to “Swift Conservation” in 2008 As a former urban planner he has a great understanding of the built environment and consequently the conservation of urban wildlife. The talk will be via Zoom and will take place next Tuesday, 2nd March at 7:30 p.m. If you’d like to attend please contact Alan Rosney or John Wilson to arrange an official invite.

Click here for a pdf of a resumé of what the presentation is about.

Click here for Edward’s CV.

Zoom talk, Tues 2nd Feb

As already alerted, here’s the invite to the above talk by Paul Bowden. The room will open at 7 p.m.. Please make sure your audio is muted whilst the talk is in progress. You can join either by entering the ID and password or clicking the link.

Glamorgan Birds is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: GBC talk Northern Africa
Time: Feb 2, 2021 19:00 London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 884 5875 2820
Passcode: 225492

Notice of Zoom talk

Following our successful last couple of Zoom talks, we have another, on Tuesday next week, 2nd Feb, when club member Paul Bowden will be giving us an illustrated talk about birding in northern Africa – Morocco, Libya and Egypt. Some warmer climes to take us away from the cold & damp. It will start at 7:15 p.m. A link to join the meeting will be put on here and our Facebook page, and also in the list of meetings under ‘Events’, on Sunday 31st Jan.

2020 Bird Records

It’s the new year, so time to get all your records/observations for 2020, however limited they may be, to me, for collation into the master spreadsheet of records so work can start on the 2020 East Glam Bird Report. I have already extracted the 2020 data from BirdTrack and have received individual records from four individuals. If you haven’t Bird Tracked your records yet then when you have you’ll have to extract them yourself and send them to me separately. Thanks in advance folks. John Wilson.

Jan 2021 newsletter

John Wilson here. Alan Rosney has now completed the first newsletter of 2021 so well done Alan. It’s problematic [and not necessarily safe] getting to the post office for him at the mo so those who receive theirs by email will do so. For everyone else, it is in pdf form and I have just uploaded it to our Google Drive. It can be seen [and downloaded] by clicking HERE.

Zoom presentation 5th Jan!

Just checking my laptop diary to suddenly be reminded that it was agreed I would give a Zoom prersentation on a trip we did to Thailand at the beginning of last year, the presentation being on Tuesday i.e. 5th Jan. Really sorry for the short notice but with Christmas in the interim it had slipped my mind. It will start at 7:30 p.m. with the Zoom room opening at around 7:15. Here’s a link to join:… John Wilson

Zoom presentation Tues 15th Dec

Just a reminder that we have our second online Zoom presentation tomorrow [Tues 15th] eve at 7:30 p.m.. A presentation by Dr Sophie lee-Williams on the Eagle Reintroduction Wales project, full details of which were in the post here on 10th Dec. If you want to join the meeting and watch the presentation you’ll need Zoom installed on your device and you can automatically join in by clicking this link:…Please ensure that your device microphone is muted during the talk. The meeting will be open to join from 7:15 with a view to starting at 7:30.

Zoom talk – 15th Dec

We have arranged another Zoom talk, which will be on Tues 15th Dec at 7:30 p.m. This one is about the “Eagle Reintroduction Wales” project, which is looking into the possibility of reintroducing Golden- and White-tailed Eagles into Wales. The talk will be given by the project founder and manager, Dr. Sophie lee-Williams who is a raptor biologist. Details about the project can be seen on their website – The meeting will be hosted on the GBC Zoom account and we will open it to participants at around 7:15 p.m. We’d rather not make the login and password public so if you are interested in listening, please email John Wilson for the details [johndw1948 at gmail dot com].

Covid–19 update – Club outings

Important announcement: We’re sorry to announce that we have decided that, at present, all future Kenfig walks and GBC field trips will not run. We took this decision at a committee meeting on Tues 8th Dec in view of the latest Public Health Wales Covid-19 statement, which can be seen here: The third and fourth paragraphs are particularly pertinent. We realise that the Welsh Govt rules still state that ‘organised outdoor events’ such as sport or exercise in groups of up to 30 people are still allowed with certain provisos [this is in the exceedingly long FAQ page under “Sport and outdoor activity”, here:…]. We nevertheless feel that the NHS Wales statement carries more weight, particularly in the phrase ” everyone should immediately start to limit their interactions with other {sic} as much as possible in the lead up to the festive period”, hence our decision. We will continue to try and arrange Zoom talks – see separate post – indeed there’s another on Tues 15th – see separate post [which will be above this one!]

We hope you all understand. We also have in mind of course, the alarming increases in Covid cases in Wales at the moment.

KNNR – GBC position statement regarding the future

The GBC committee, along with many of the club’s members, is very concerned about the future management of Kenfig NNR following the recent announcement that NRW will not be taking on the lease to manage the site. GBC trustees wish to reassure members that we have always been committed to working with whichever organisation is ultimately responsible for managing the reserve. To that end we have requested a meeting with KCT, who intend to oversee the management of the site themselves, to discuss the immediate future of Kenfig and how we can work with them to secure its integrity as a NNR. We will update you all as the situation develops.

A second Zoom presentation

We are pleased to announce that we have arranged for someone from the Eagle Reintroduction Wales project to give us a Zoom presentation on Tues 15th December starting at 7:30 p.m. This will follow the same pattern as the ‘Lost Peatlands’ presentation we had on 20th October. Put the date & time in your diary and keep checking here for details of how to joint the meeting when the time comes. For further info on the project, here’s a link to their website:

Zoom talk

We now have a firm date for our first Zoom talk. This will be on Tues 20th October with the Zoom meeting opening to join at 7:15 p.m., and hopefully beginning at 7:30 p.m. So, I hope all interested parties have now installed Zoom. To assist, I have put together a ‘dummies guide’ on its use for meetings of this type, which is available here:…/1Xc13agdUidrChlbnKij…/view…,
so do have a look at that so you can see what to expect. The talk will be by Mike Shewring who is an ecologist, and he will be talking about the Lost Peatlands Project which has been funded by Heritage Lottery funding. There’s more info on the BBC Wales website here: so do have a look at that so you can see what to expect.
IMPORTANT: we are not making the meeting ID and password public so if you wish to partake and are not a recipient of our Club News email, you need to contact myself or another committee member for the details. Hope you can join us. John Wilson

Indoor meetings UPDATE

Hi everyone. Humble apologies but due to the short time left until Tuesday we have decided to postpone Mike Shewring’s talk [with his agreement], to enable folk to have time to get set up with Zoom and have a look at it to see how it works. The last thing we would want would be our first effort ending in chaos. If you are interested in participating in online presentations we suggest you download the app now so you can see how it works. The download site is, and you choose the free option. We will issue invites to these talks via email rather than publicly, so if you want to participate, please get in touch, unless you are already on our email news group, when we will contact you via that. In the interim we will try and draw up a ‘dummies guide to Zoom’ which we can make available. John Wilson