Record submission

We need your records

It is important that we keep as complete a record as possible of the birds that occur in our area, both as resident breeders or passage migrants and also the rare and scarce birds that occur from time to time. The pages within this menu group explain in detail how to record your observations and what to record.

It is important to note that observations of rare and scarce birds should be notified to the Glamorgan Records Committee [GRC], who will decide which authority needs to consider the record and its validity. Nowadays this is a much simpler task in most cases due to the now very common use of digital photography to record such observations. The GRC had a blog { Glamorgan Records Committee } which was very informative, but at present it is in a rather static state and somewhat out of date. Ther GRC are active on Twitter – @GRC_decisions.

For info, the Glamorgan Records Committee comprises:

  • Paul Roberts (Chair)
  • Phil Bristow (County Recorder, East Glamorgan) – 2 Forest Oak Close, Cyncoed, Cardiff CF23 6QN. Tel no: 07769 973890       Email Phil
  • Rob Jones (County Recorder, West Glamorgan) – Email Rob
  • Mike Powell (also WBRC member)
  • Barry Stewart
  • Owain Gabb