The Eastern Glamorgan Bird List

Sequence, nomenclature and taxonomy

The sequence, nomenclature and taxonomy in this list follows the British Ornithologists’ Union 2017, The British List: A Checklist of Birds of Britain (9th edition) published on the BOU website at and in Ibis 160: 194 – 240, incorporating subsequent taxonomic and sequencing updates of the International Ornithological Union’s IOC World Bird List version 11.1 (5th February 2021) – see for details. The English species names follow the familiar vernacular names used by the BOU in the official British List.

The Eastern Glamorgan Bird List

In 2020 there were no species recorded in Eastern Glamorgan for the first time:

At the end of 2020 the total number of species recorded in Eastern Glamorgan remained at 320.

This list is kept up to date for us by Peter Lansdown of Cardiff, and is updated yearly in line with the Bird Report currently in production.

Other than six Category C species (Egyptian Goose, Mandarin Duck, Ruddy Duck, Red-legged Partridge, Pheasant and Little Owl), all of the species on the Eastern Glamorgan List are Category A species. Not all of these, however, have been recorded in Eastern Glamorgan as Category A species.

For each of the species on the Eastern Glamorgan Bird List, the year in which it was first recorded, if known, is included. Of the 320 species, 252 were recorded from 2016 to 2020 inclusive; for each of the remaining 68 species, the year in which it was last recorded is also included. The entire list is tabulated in the linked file above.