Glamorgan Bird Club has just three items  carrying the Club logo at present:

: a pin badge – £1
: a car sticker – £1
: Beanie hats – see below

The badge and sticker [shown below] are currently available from Jean Haslam, or at indoor meetings. Postage for the car sticker would be standard letter postage currently 61p 2nd class. Due to its depth the pin badge would be large letter currently at 83p 2nd class.

Pin Badge

Beanie hats

At the moment it is not clear whether Jean can collect goods from Eurologo – we suspect not in view of the restriction on unnecessary travel.

We have sourced an outlet for classic beanie hats and baseball caps which are now available with the GBC logo. See the image below to see what they all look like. The beanies are priced at £8 if you are able to collect at e.g. a Club meeting, or £9.50 posted. Baseball caps are £9 if you are able to collect from Jean or £10.50 posted. Jean Haslam is dealing with all orders. Obviously in the current situation personal collection isn’t possible so it appears posting is the only option – unless you live within Bridgend CBC as Jean does! To choose a hat and colour you need to go to the following website – For beanies, in the search box search for BC045. On the next page it will display “Original cuffed beanie” so click on that and you’ll get a page showing all the colours on the right. Click the colour that you want and you’ll see an order form below with a code beginning BC045 then some characters for the colour. Make a note of it BUT DO NOT ‘add to cart’ or ‘personalise’. Just note the code then contact Jean Haslam to place your order with her, including sending her a cheque payable to Glamorgan Bird Club, not forgetting to add postage unless you intend to collect in person. Jean’s contact details are below.
For Baseball caps, search for RC084X. This will then show a cap – click on the image and you’ll get a similar page to the beanie showing all the colours. Click your colour and note the resulting code which will be RC084X**** where **** is 4 letters, then order from Jean.
The “Glamorgan Bird Club” writing is black on pale colours and white on darker colours.,
Be aware that postage may be going up soon – this page will be updated when the info is available.

Jean’s contact details:

87 Woodland Ave
Bridgend CF35 6UW