GBC Trip Goldcliff

Rather quiet – of note were Redstart, Yellow Wagtail(3), Ruff, Greenshank(4), Common Sand (2), Whimbrel and LRP(4) plus good numbers of Avocet and Black-tailed Godwits. Also seen several Clouded Yellow butterflies and a Stoat. Bumped into a couple who had seen Hobby, Little Owl and Marsh Harrier.

2 thoughts on “GBC Trip Goldcliff

  1. John Wilson

    We also found an Oak Eggar Moth at Goldcliff [albeit on its last legs] and a few saw a Latticed Heath at Uskmouth, plus Common and Ruddy Darter, Black-tailed Skimmer and Emperor dragonflies at Uskmouth. An odd sight was a juv Reed Warbler coming to a feeder in the reed edge right by the cafe window at Uskmouth.

  2. Paul Denning

    The last time I was at Uskmouth, there was a Reed Warbler on the feeder in front of the cafe window. After a couple of minutes watching it, I realised it was actually catching insects that were that were hanging around the food in the feeder.

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