Lisvane & Llanishen Reservoirs

Lisvane: The winter-plumage Black-Necked Grebe was still present today, fishing intensively around the floating platform in the NW corner. Also, 7 little grebes, 3 GC grebes, 142 tufties, 6 pochards, 53 coots, 6 mallards, 2 mute swans, etc. A small flock of birders in the car park; Phil Bristow was a year tick, and Graham Powell was a life tick for me.

Llanishen: 9 adult tufties and the 5 tufted ducklings are growing bigger. 1 ad and 1 juv GC grebe (too young to fly, previously found by Phil B) is another notable breeding record for Llanishen. One very small little grebe chick represents the third brood (at least) to have been hatched here this summer. 9 other little grebes around the ever-growing lagoon. 6 coots, 1 mallard, and a juv buzzard mewing in the woods.

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