Bird records for 2017

Hi all birders. Having received 2017 bird records already from Alan Rosney, Graham Powell and Neil Donaghy, and also John & Margaret Samuel who submit theirs on a monthly basis [to whom thanks all], it is timely for me to put out a request to all of you who provide us with records each year which are used, inter alia, to write up summaries for the annual Bird Report. If you supply me direct with records can you let me have them as soon as poss [we aim for the end of Jan]. Alternatively if you submit to SEWBReC or use MapMate or BirdTrack then make sure they are up to date with all your records for 2017 so that I get them all when I do a download. Many thanks and happy new year for later.

5 thoughts on “Bird records for 2017

  1. Hi John, I would have sent my 2017 Pant-Yr-Awel records to arrive with you on 1st January 2018, but have been suffering from a seriously painful stomach condition, that doctors from 3 hospitals can’t diagnose!! I will be posting my records to you tomorrow, and they should arrive around 5th January, or even quicker (1st class post will be used). John, I am interested in purchasing the club’s past annual bird reports from 2011-2016. If the club does sell previous reports, could you let me know who I should contact, & how much they cost, please. Thanks, John, do have a wonderful New Year, with kindest regards from: Ian Rabjohns.

    1. Hi Ian. No worries re records as I am away for a week from Thurs. Re past reports I can supply these. I assume you’re not a member otherwise you would have received one as part of your membership. I’ll contact you separately re cost. The latest one, 2016, is £8.

  2. Ive registered to do birdtrack to record sightings, mainly in my garden / local area. If I keep these loaded on for 2018, assume they will appear in a database for you to see?



    1. John Wilson

      Hiya. John Wilson here. Once they’re on birdtrack they’re there for good afaik. We are able to download all records for our area so I will get yours when the time comes.

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