Starlings in Bridgend

Tonight’s murmuration mainly over Oaklands Road was an impressive sight with more aerobatics. Most of the birds appeared to mass on wires south of Broadlands before heading over here. It was enlivened by a Sparrowhawk successfully attacking the flock and knocking a bird which it took after it plunged into a local garden. There were 2,000 Starling together at one stage and the majority of them dropped into conifers between Oaklands Road and Broadlands between 1625-1635h.

2 thoughts on “Starlings in Bridgend

  1. Mike Cram

    Last night (Saturday) less of a display when the main body roosted earier about 4.20, but dribs and drabs continued to fly to roost by 5pm with a total estimated roost of 3,000 birds.

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