10,000 Starling murmuration / roost

Last night was an amazing spectacle over our neighbourhood in Bridgend. Approximately 10,000 quickly massed and performed superbly ranging over to the Broadlands and back by 4.30pm before roosting in Cypress Trees (just visible in the 2nd photo) between 4.35 and 4.45pm. They all seem to come in from the east, perhaps feeding out in the Vale by day? They quickly left the roost at dawn/8.00am and headed off east. This is a new phenomenon in the neighbourhood and began with just 500 at New Year’s Day. We had about 1,000 during the snows several years ago in a slightly different location with less trees but only for a week or two.

2 thoughts on “10,000 Starling murmuration / roost

  1. Mike Cram

    From a small flock of a few hundred around new year, its amazing how the word has got out amongst the Starlings that a nice safe warm roost exists. I watched as several thousand flew north/west high to another roost site in previous weeks. All of a sudden they’ve chosen our neighbourhood! 10,000 again tonight, the sound of all the calls after dark and pre-dawn is brilliant!

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