Cosmeston, St Mary’s Well Bay Road and Sully beach

Ring Ouzel still in the West Paddock at Cosmeston earlier this morning, in the shallow valley between the dragonfly pond and the fenced area (snipe field) to the north. On the lakes 5 Shoveler, 2 drake Pochard and the Aythya hybrid.

Yesterday afternoon a male Brambling with Chaffinch flock in tree along St Mary’s Well Bay Road between the disused railway bridge and the caravan site. The flock was mobile over the fields and hedgerows east of the road. Fieldfare and Redwing there too.

On Sully beach yesterday afternoon a single Grey Plover close to the water’s edge between the sailing club slipway and Burnham Avenue beach car park. My first there this autumn.

One thought on “Cosmeston, St Mary’s Well Bay Road and Sully beach

  1. John Wilson

    Re the Ring Ouzel – it is very skittish and doesn’t spend much time in the open. Seems to like keeping low to the ground and flushes unexpectedly. When not feeding it stays buried in the hedgerow keeping very still. At least that was my experience this morning. Got a brief flight view for a patch tick.

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