Talygarn Lake

WeBS today.  Noticed more birdsong in the woods this time. 3 /5 Cygnets still surviving.

Blackbird , Buzzard , Carrion Crow , Coal Tit , Dunnock , Great Tit , House Sparrow
Little Grebe 7, Magpie , Moorhen 5 , Robin , Teal 14 , Wren , Blue Tit , Canada Goose , Chaffinch Coot , Great Spotted Woodpecker , Grey Heron , Jay , Long-tailed Tit,            Mute Swan 5 , Mallard 32,  Song Thrush , Woodpigeon  25 species

One thought on “Talygarn Lake

  1. Paul Seligman

    WEBS Fairwater Park yesterday: 1 Moorhen. I didn’t think it was worth posting here! (Obviously there were non-WEBS birds as well, inc Bullfinch and Green Woodpecker, the latter only heard).

    WEBS at St Fagans Museum a couple of days ago was better with Kingfisher, Grey Wag, Little Grebe, 12 MH etc. And a Dipper on R Ely nearby.

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