Ogmore Est

The long-staying Wryneck was still present today below the 30 mph sign just upstream from the main carpark entrance. Horror stories of rather aggressive photographer[s] chasing the bird around this morning almost put me off finally going down to see it, but I did go and got there at about 3:45 p.m. Nice to see Tim Hall there, and Rob & Nerys Stratton, and Matt Meehan and a few others, and Paul Denning later on. It was initially in thick vegetation just below the road, but then relocated at the bottom of the ‘cliff’ there, feeding around the rocks at the bottom. All present kept a respectable distance, so photos were not easy esp. in the howling gale blowing up the estuary! I struggled with my 100-400 with the 1.4x attached, hand held! This is one of the better ones [quite a crop] when it did a bit of a neck stretch due to a noise above. What a fabulous bird.

2 thoughts on “Ogmore Est

  1. John Wilson

    I’ve got one Tony! Just wasn’t expecting it to be quite so windy. I’m usually OK with my Canon set up with the IS lens. On top of the wind the bird was quite some way away [Image in my post is at a guess 1/8 or less, of the whole frame]. By the looks of some of the images online, many folk got much closer.

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