East Glam Bird Report 2018

In case anyone is wondering, the 2018 East Glam Bird Report is being proof read at the moment. All content is now complete so it’s a matter of me putting together the complete pdf with colour pages, to send to the printer, once I have had the proof read text back and made any necessary adjustments. It’s all getting a bit tight for getting it out and in the post, but it is a big job, and I’m very grateful to everyone who has helped in its production.

2 thoughts on “East Glam Bird Report 2018

  1. Terry Breverton

    Not sure how to use WordPress, but I reported a pair of smew, also seen by a near neighbour, on the Ely where it enters Cardiff Bay, after the Beast from the East. No matter to me if it’s not been recorded, but I just watched a pair of goosander courting then mating – 11/11/19 – I just checked and there are chicks in April, so has anyone noted this out-of-season mating? Or are females infertile at this time of year? I have no idea. We have goosanders every year here, and dabchicks, near Candlers Way, Penarth Marina. Terry Breverton

    1. John Wilson

      Hi Terry, John Wilson here, Bird Report editor. We only had one report of Smew in 2018 but it wasn’t in Cardiff Bay. How did you report your sighting of Smew? as the record is not in any of the sources of data which we have access to. This is quite a rare species these days and any sightings are required to be supported by either photos or a description of the bird[s] seen. They are so scarce these days that any reported sightings that are submitted to the county recorder are considered by the Welsh Records Panel as well as our own Glamorgan Records Committee. Re Goosander, they are quite common on the Taff and often wander down into the Bay. Wildfowl often display in early winter as the males have just moulted into their prime breeding plumage from their rather dull so-called eclipse plumage of autumn, but I doubt the females are in breeding condition.

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