Kenfig NNR

Good to welcome some new folk on our Kenfig monthly walk this morning [it was actually Saturday {16th} – sorry to be picky! John W].

We went down to Sker to find the Long-Tailed Duck on the flood, then moved east along the coast to the edge of the Royal Porthcawl golf course where we located the juvenile Red-backed Shrike. (and lots of other friends!)

Other highlights were, -2 Sparrow Hawk, 30+ Lapwing,  Common and Mediterranean Gull,  50+ Woodpigeon flying over,  4 Raven, a Sanderling, and a Redwing.

This is my list, some members continued afterwards to the pool, so they have some additions.

Black-headed Gull , Blackbird, Blue Tit , Canada Goose , Carrion Crow , Collared Dove,    Common Gull , Curlew , Feral Pigeon , Goldcrest , Great Black-backed Gull , Great Tit,
Grey Heron , Herring Gull , Jackdaw , Lapwing , Lesser Black-backed Gull ,                  Long-tailed Duck , Long-tailed Tit , Magpie , Mallard , Meadow Pipit , Mediterranean Gull
Oystercatcher , Pied Wagtail , Raven , Red-backed Shrike , Redshank , Redwing , Robin,
Rock Pipit , Rook , Sanderling, Song Thrush , Sparrowhawk , Starling , Stonechat, Turnstone , Woodpigeon , Wren , Skylark.      41 species

Our  next Kenfig walk will be on the 21st December, for ‘Pies in the Hide’ !  … and some birdwatching …    all welcome.

PS others seen were Golden Plover [flock flew over at Sker], Cormorant, Dunnock, Linnet, Goldfinch. {John W}.

2 thoughts on “Kenfig NNR

  1. Michael Jones

    my name is Mike Jones. I came on this enjoyable walk. Jeaan asked me to look at your list and see if i had recorded anything else. well I saw a cormorant and a linnet.
    best wishes
    Mike Jones

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