Kenfig NNR

Fabulous weather and visibility for our first Public Walk of 2020 this morning. Twenty -six folk came along, and enjoyed a walk to the sea with a rising tide. (30+ surfers to entertain us)

Highlights were:- Marsh Harrier, being pursued by two Short-eared Owls, three very bright Greenfinch, Purple Sandpiper, lots of Curlew and a shag on the rocks at Sker, whilst folk with ‘scopes found us Red -Throated Divers, Great Crested Grebe and Common Scoter out to sea. We had a total of 49!  A really good start for our 2020 total.     If folk who went to the pool as well could give us any extras, that would be great.

Black-headed Gull , Blackbird , Blue Tit , Bullfinch , Buzzard , Carrion Crow, Collared Dove Coot , Cormorant , Curlew,  Dunnock , Gadwall , Goldcrest , Golden Plover,  Great Crested Grebe , Great Tit,  Greenfinch,  Herring Gull , House Sparrow, Jackdaw , Lesser Black-backed Gull , Linnet,  Long-tailed Tit,  Magpie, Mallard,      Marsh Harrier,  Meadow Pipit , Mute Swan,  Oystercatcher,  Peregrine, Pheasant, Pied Wagtail, Purple Sandpiper,  Raven,  Robin,  Shag,  Short-eared Owl, Sparrowhawk , Starling ,  Stonechat,  Teal , Turnstone , Woodpigeon, Wren,          Rock Pipit, Little Grebe, GS Woodpecker, Common Scoter, Red- Throated Diver.
Thanks to everyone for coming, sharing telescopes,  and for helping with ID.

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