Penarth Marina

c.4:15 p.m. the Black Redstart showed briefly on the roofs of the tall houses facing the Bay about 100m beyond the sign for Plas St. Andresse. These are the houses that on the marina side, face into the small square, where the bird has all been seen. On the river Ely embankment there, just 4 Turnstone, 2 Redshank, 1Pied Wag male and 1 Grey Wag. One of the Redshanks was colour ringed and is probably the same bird that Annie Irving tweeted about a while ago. I couldn’t see the rings clearly as it was wading with the rings under the water but one was yellow.

2 thoughts on “Penarth Marina

    1. John Wilson

      Thx Annie. I did a quick ‘drop in’ to see if I could find the Redstart [hadn’t seen yr Tweet] in between filling up with fuel and doing some errands.

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