Possible problem with Safari on Mac computers

Just recently on my new Macbook Pro I have noticed that despite being logged in, when I visit this website, the narrow bar at the top of the screen which has the ‘+Write’ button top right and the WordPress ‘W’ and ‘Reader’ top left, does not display no matter what I do, making it impossible to post. Logging out and in again didn’t help either. It appears that this is a problem unique to the Mac browser, Safari. Having now installed Firefox, the problem has disappeared. Oddly enough the same problem exists on my old Macbook when usng Google Chrome but not on my iMac desktop with Chrome. So maybe it’s a Macbook problem with these browsers? With Safari on my iMac I can’t even login to WordPress, and the GBC home page displays the logo as a huge image. Just thought I’d flag this up in case anhyone else is having problems although I’ve not been notified of any. John Wilson

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