Peregrine falcon nest and 3 fledged ravens – heritage coast

I’ve had a fantastic couple of days watching a pair of peregrine falcons on the heritage coast tending to their nest. Yesterday I had a fantastic view of one of the parents catching a pigeon, taking it back to the cliff to have his share, then hand it over (in flight!) to the female who brought it back into the nest. They are extremely vocal and it is not often that the nest site isn’t occupied by at least one parent. It has taken me a couple of weeks to locate the nest after following peregrines around but of course I will not be sharing the actual location for obvious reasons.

Three ravens, who were until very recently still being fed by their parents in the nest, have finally fledged but are sticking together as a group of three. They are very inquisitive and will walk up fairly close to me if I sit still on the ground. They are truly fascinating to watch.

7 thoughts on “Peregrine falcon nest and 3 fledged ravens – heritage coast

  1. Chris Williams

    I loved watching the group, (peregrines), nesting near the barrage on Penarth cliff top many years back until they were destroyed by the usual suspects.
    We have so few raptors compared to what our wonderful habitats could hold.

    1. oscarwainwright

      What an awful shame that the nest was destroyed. I’ve often thought the same thing about the potential for so many more peregrines on our coastline considering the vast numbers of seabirds and variety of different habitats on our shores.

      I’ll be keeping a keen eye on this nest and hopefully, in a couple of months we’ll have at least a couple more peregrines around.

  2. Paul Seligman

    Lucky you, Oscar, and thanks for sharing the photos and the experience, I did have the more modest pleasure today of watching two recently fledged blackcaps being fed by Mum (in the St Fagans area).

    1. oscarwainwright

      Thanks a lot Paul, great to hear about the blackcap sighting. I saw a pair today for the first time in a while and they were very animated as they hopped around on a tree. Not quite as exciting as seeing some fledgelings being fed but an interesting encounter I had nonetheless.

  3. John Wilson

    Hi Oscar. I’ve been a bit remiss recently not checking sightings on the club blog. Re the Peregrines can you email me the details so I can let the South Wales Preregrine Monitoring Group know about it. Do you record your observations anywhere? e.g. BirdTrack? It would be good to know the outcome. John Wilson, East Glam Bird Report editor. My email is johndw1948 at gmail dot com.

  4. stevellewelyn

    Great display by the Penarth Peregrines this afternoon. 2 perched on the cliff when a 3rd arrived with a Pigeon, still alive. The 2 fly out to meet their arriving dinner which then was dtopped on the sand flapping around and as if it was to train the youngster. The Pigeon was pounced on again and a lot of screaming ensued !

    1. oscarwainwright

      What an incredible experience that must have been Steve! Especially to see the parents training the young. I have never been to Penarth for birdwatching but hopefully I’ll get a chance to visit for those peregrines soon. I saw two at nash point last weekend stooping on a flock of wood pigeons one after the other but wasn’t lucky enough to see the actual attack ensue. They’re really so much fun to watch!

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