A drake Tufted Duck was on E lake and a single Swift flew over E paddock. In W paddock a Blackcap flew out of the snipe area, and a Green Woodpecker was calling nearby. A Buzzard clumsily hovered over W paddock. On walking up onto the hill by dragonfly pond a Sparrowhawk flew from the snipe area direction, passing <3ft away low to the ground. On my cresting the hill a grey bird flew up off the ground to my right, and I assumed it was the Sprawk. At this time it was raining heavy fine horizontal drizzle. It landed briefly in a bush and for that brief moment my brain PC rang alarm bells and the term ‘Cuckoo’ registered on the ‘system’ but then it took off just as my one handed hold on my bins got on to it [I had the dog on a lead]. In the afternoon Alex Bevan saw a Cuckoo, so …..

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