Lucky garden visitors in Boverton

Since I finished building a large pond in my garden 5 weeks ago I’ve seen an explosion in nature including some fantastic bird life.

After just a couple of days of completion we had song thrushes, a family of magpies, countless dunnocks, blackbirds, a willow warbler, a chiffchaff and many more regularly bathing in the pond. We also had a young heron visit who prompted me to stock the pond (which is well oxygenated) with minnows and sticklebacks. Whilst catching these fish for the pond I had some amazing views of a Daubenton’s bat which provided me with some great photo opportunities.

A couple of weeks ago a pair of Great spotted woodpeckers became regular visitors to the feeders. Since the garden pond is also equipped with a wildlife hide, I’ve been able to watch the woodpeckers and other wildlife from very close range without disturbing them.

Grey heron peering into the pond
Grey heron ‘sunning’ to remove mites
Female GS woodpecker on feeder
Female GS woodpecker perched conveniently in front of the hide
Female GS woodpecker
Grey heron standing above the wildlife hide between the stream and the pond
Daubenton’s bat
A Daubenton’s bat flying over the water catching insects
Common toad at night
A willow warbler perched after a bath
A young song thrush still dependent on its parent by the pond
The first frog to find the pond

2 thoughts on “Lucky garden visitors in Boverton

  1. John Wilson

    Wow – fantastic. BTW if you want to post a lot of pix you can select an option called ’tiled gallery’. Just look for it in the New block options when you have typed your text, then click on the blue ‘+’ top left and look through the drop down menu. It saves having a long post, although you can’t caption the individual photos in the gallery then.

    1. oscarwainwright

      Thanks a lot for the tip John! I thought there might be a way to do that but didn’t see how to. I’m glad I know now if I need to next time, so it’s much appreciated.

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