An immature Common Redstart was in bushes 50m beyond the dragonfly pond this morning. Calling incessantly and pretty shy but it did show at a distance and flew a short way. My first this year! Pic below cropped as much as poss.

3 thoughts on “Cosmeston

  1. Bertie B

    Off topic, do you know anyone who’s lost a Harris Hawk in the Bridgend area? i heard of one on the loose back in feb but didn’t see it around the starling roosts, today it perched on my shed for 20 minutes and disappeared off over Barnes avenue way.

    1. John Wilson

      Hi Bertie. Afraid not. There’s been odd Harris Hawks around on and off over the years. There was a pretty regular one in the Aberthaw area for a few years. I can put a post on Facebook to see if anyone knows of one on your area. John Wilson

    2. John Wilson

      Hi again Bertie. Apparently there’s been a Harris Hawk on the loose in the Maesteg area for over a year, so maybe it’s wandered down the valley. John

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