Too hot for serious birding at Cosmeston this morning. Whilst in the shade of the car park trees with our coffee I noticed this Wren which was hopping around in front of the parked cars, right in the open. At one point it spread its wings and ‘sunned’ for a short while but I wasn’t quick enough to get a shot. I did carefully get up and grab a few other shots and on looking at the pix it’s a very bedraggled individual. On the cam I thought it was a fledgling but on cropping on the laptop, in these shots you can see the almost bald head and throat, and the very poor state of the main feather tracts. It hopped around, sometimes going underneath the cars then flew up onto a tree by us and eventually entered the nest box. It stayed there for a few minutes and then suddenly exited and flew down into the bushy landscaping by the parking bays.

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