Fem Blackcap seen at Cosmeston this morning and a couple of Chiffchaff but no other interesting passerines apart from the currently resident Linnet flock. Did manage to grab a couple of Sparrowhawk shots, when a couple were doing a bit of airborne combat. Rubbish pix as I had to leg it from the lee of some trees too see them then get the cam in the right mode! Whilst in the edge of Cogan Wood I heard a lot of Buzzard ‘mewing’ and when I emerged there were 4 circling together over the wood, poss a family group – no pic. The Common Darter was on the fence by the dragonfly pond.

One thought on “Cosmeston

  1. I was there yesterday (26th) after lunch – my first visit this year I think. Perhaps because of time of day, or not taking the right route, I didn’t see any of the birds you mention above, or anything avian worth a special mention. That said, the meadow areas were so beautiful and full of invertebrates that I was trying to snap for subsequent ID, I wasn’t always looking up for birds. I think the most exciting were two large White Butterflies, as I haven’t seen one for many weeks. Usual bird species on the lakes, quite a few Common Darter Dragonflies, 4+ Silver Y moths, 1 Common Blue Butterfly, a couple of common beetle species, lots of bees and hoverflies which appeared to all be common species, but sometimes when photos are checked months later….

    Despite the lack of anything uncommon, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.

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