Kenfig NNR

Thanks for posting the report and list Jean. As a follow up just thought I’d add on the pix I took. Three of the rapidly vanishing Marsh Harrier, the close hovering Kestrel, and the nice posing Common Gull which allowed for pointing out the salient features, and the fact that it’s quite a scarce bird for the location [on the posts near the Pool beach].

2 thoughts on “Kenfig NNR

  1. When I first visited Kenfig, many years ago, those posts always had Common Gulls on them. Yesterday it was all black-headed gulls on the other posts, or it was until dogs and horses started thrashing about in the water nearby. Nor could I spot a med gull that Neil Donaghy had seen there earlier.

    I walked right around the pool, enjoying the sunshine and taking hundreds of photos of hoverflies and other invertebrates, so I may not have been paying total attention to the birds, of which there were few. Apart from the gulls, Meadow Pipits were probably the most numerous with perhaps 25 around a flock of sheep.

    I did get close views of two Cetti’s Warblers in the open, a rare occurrence for me. I’d spotted some movement in the long vegetation at the base of a tree just a few metres away. I froze and watched it intently until the birds emerged and started moving around the tree and its lower branches.

    There was a Kingfisher in front of South Hide, and several Chiffchaffs around the pool, one singing briefly.

    Finally, I was almost back at the car park when a mustelid ran across the path, another rare occurrence for me. I’m pretty sure it was a weasel.

    1. Richard Morgan

      I’ve seen several common gulls recently picking about on he short turf around locks common and the car park of rest bay.

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