Lavernock coast path

Paid my first visit here for quite a while having seen a Tweet that Graham Smith had found a Yellow-browed Warbler. Got on to it eventually as it was calling a lot. Very difficult to get a clear view of such an active bird in fairly dense canopy cover. Eventually showed pretty well, even allowing me to get a couple of shots off. There were several Chiffchaffs present too, allowing for comparison of the differing calls. YBW much higher pitched and ‘cleaner’ than Chiffie. Similar in some ways to Coal Tit, a fair flock of which moved through. A Kestrel with a damaged, loose primary was hovering over the coastal field, and eventually perched, and a Sparrowhawk had an aerial set-to with a Magpie. Big flock of Linnet present also. Location of the YBW was at ST 186689 where the farm track from opposite Cosmeston meets the coastal path.

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