Lavernock Coast 16h Oct

Bit delayed posting this. Had a walk up the farm track opposite Cosmeston, up to the cooastal fields [which sadly may eventually be covered in tarmac and houses]. First bird was a Sparrowhawk chasing a Magpie, then as I crossed the big field, first one, then two then three Peregrines appeared and patrolled up and down parallel to the coast for about half an hour. A large mixed flock of Goldfinch and Linnet constantly flew up, and a distant Kestrel flew by. Having done a circuit of the field, as I walked back a group of 10 Skylark flew over, then a few Meadow Pipits and also a single Siskin, whose flight call I heard, and a few Chaffinches. Standing at the top corner of the big field I then noticed another raptor coming from inland – a Goshawk! It drifted slowly above the big field with the typical leisurely fairly deep wingbeats [unlike the rapid flick flick of a Sparrowhawk], and walost from view over Lavernock Point. All in all a good session. Below, 2 shots of one of the Perrys, and three of the Gos, one showing how high it was.

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