V wet couple of days [and more to come!], means that Cosmeston away from the paths is very muddy and slippery at the moment. The recent two Ring-necked Ducks have migrated to Cardiff Bay and there’s only about 15 Tufties present on E lake at the moment, with up to 3 Pochard. Didn’t notice the Goldeneye this morning. The Herring Gull was having a good old shout yesterday and this morning I managed a couple of nice shots of the pair oof Stonechat that have been around, although they are big crops from the originals. There were also a couple of very vocal Bullfinches near the far entrance to Cogan Wood and a Few Redwing in the snipe paddock.

One thought on “Cosmeston

  1. With the exception of the Herring Gull, memories of all the species you mention are beginning to feel as distant as the last time I saw wild Zebra or Penguins.

    I used to like Bullfinches!

    I did think of many strategic issues when I bought this house 25 years ago, like height above sea level and the nearby river Ely, transport links, fields nearby, and so on. I didn’t consider the current situation!

    Luckily, Janet’s garden in Creigiau gets a range of common woodland and garden birds. I got quite excited at a wren showing well when I was there yesterday! Thank goodness for the single adult household exemption.

    I haven’t seen a Blackbird in or near my garden for many months, not since the nesting and moulting season finished. This is most unusual. I hope it’s just a local issue, perhaps a new cat in the neighbourhood, and not the first signs of a general decline.

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