Rhymney Estuary

WeBS count this morning at Green Point and Cardiff Heliport bay [week earlier than scheduled Webs due to unsuitable high tide time on 13th].

Green Pt [nice to meet John Aggleton there]: Redshank c.1000, Dunlin c.300, Shelduck 57, Shoveler 10, Teal 39 [mostly on river by Lamby Way], Pintail 6, GBB Gull 2 adults, Cormorant 4, Mallard 12.
Heliport bay: Pintail 60, Curlew 2, Shoveler 30, Oystercatcher 2, Shelduck 12.
The Redshank & Dunlin were initially on the east bank of the river mouth, not their usual spot along the shore and at the tip of Green Pt or just opposite. Something suddenly spooked them and although I wasn’t properly ready with the camera, I did manage a few flight shots.

2 thoughts on “Rhymney Estuary

  1. aggleton

    great to meet up with John at green point today, only moment of drama was when a horse almost stood on my bike. The waders looked great in superb light.

  2. John Wilson

    It was a hefty old horse too! I’ve had to ‘rescue’ travellers horses there twice. They’re tethered with these very long lengths of assorted straps/chains/rope and they sometimes get totally entangled with saplings growing on the raised bank, or washed up trees. I had one that could barely move it was so tangled up.

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