Jan 2021 newsletter

John Wilson here. Alan Rosney has now completed the first newsletter of 2021 so well done Alan. It’s problematic [and not necessarily safe] getting to the post office for him at the mo so those who receive theirs by email will do so. For everyone else, it is in pdf form and I have just uploaded it to our Google Drive. It can be seen [and downloaded] by clicking HERE.

2 thoughts on “Jan 2021 newsletter

  1. donaldlwan

    My partner William Shaffer and I live in Vale-of-Glamorgan council-housing in the Murch neighbourhood within Dinas Powys village. We have EIGHT BAGS OF BIRD-FOOD that we would like to donate to some individual or charity. Could you please call or email us with suggestions of who we should contact to make this donation.

    For the past year that William and I have been living here in VofG Council housing, William has been feeding 50-100 birds every morning on the back lawn of the multi-flat building that we live in. However, the Council has recently informed us that we must stop this routine because it is violating the rules of Council housing.

    So that leaves us with 8 bags (5 unopened) of bird food that we want to give away to some individual or organisation. We would also like to learn more about your organisation — and maybe get involved in some of its bird-watching activities.

    Please contact me — Donald Johnson — in any of the following three ways:-
    (1) Telephone — 029–2241-9472
    (2) Email – donaldlwan@hotmail.co.uk
    (3) Address — 49 Fairoaks, Dinas Powys CF64 4QL

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    Donald Johnson

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