There were 40 Pochard in total this morning, split roughly 50/50 between the two lakes – my highest count of Pochard here since a count of 37 in Feb 2019. The Tufted numbered about 200. There was 1 drake Wigeon on W lake, calling quite frequently and a couple of Teal skulking along the reed edges. In the snipe enclosure a pair of Bullfinch flew across one of the cut ‘rides’, a new bird for 2021, and there were 2 Green Woodpeckers there too. Loads of Blackbird in the park [I got up to about 20] and there were around 50 Redwing in and around W paddock.

2 thoughts on “Cosmeston

    1. John Wilson

      Hi Wayne. Sorry only just got notification of your comment. I didn’t do an accurate count but the majority were drakes. Casting my mind back I would say that out of the 40 there were around 8 ducks. Same with the Tufted Ducks -the max there at the mo is about 200 and I’d say 80-90% were drakes.

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