Sully shoreline

Walked along Sully shoreline to walk the dog. There were 17 Curlew feeding on the sports field, and 15 confiding Turnstone amongst the seaweed at the top of the beach. About 15 distant Shelduck on Sully Island topped up my year list [as did the Curlew as it happens]. The grassy path is very muddy so we walked back along the rocky shore and came across a smart tail-less Pied Wag which I’ve named Short-tailed Wagtail [Motacilla alba brevicaudatus :-)]. A couple of Rock Pipits and normal wagtails were on the cricket pitch and as we got back to the cricket clubhouse start point, a smart male Stonechat was posing on top of the concrete posts there.

5 thoughts on “Sully shoreline

  1. Hi John , thank you for all your reports and sightings , I always look forward to reading them , I did smile today as I came across the wagtail with no tail the other day , when on the beach and pointed it out to my wife ha ha , best wishes Rob Thomas ( Sully )

    1. John Wilson

      Thanks David. I’m guessing the wagtail had had a close shave with a cat. The Curlew are often on the sport fields when the tide is in.

    1. John Wilson

      Thanks Geri. Amazed that you found us all the way from Missouri – I’ve checked out your blog. We’re a birding club in South Wales, UK. Glad you liked my post. John Wilson

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