Sully – moors and coast

Six Grey Heron went unseen behind vegetation yesterday (Friday) morning on Cog Moors until flushed by a mystery intruder. Over 200 Black-headed Gulls present on the floods there along with 2 adult Great Black-backed Gulls. Two Chiffchaff were feeding along Sully Brook and at least four Teal were on a pool at the base of the former railway embankment.

Two Grey Plover and a few Turnstone and Oystercatcher were the only waders on view at the beach.

On Thursday morning 5 Brent Geese flew down channel past Sully Island.

One thought on “Sully – moors and coast

  1. Maybe that’s where my local black-headed gulls have gone. For the last 25 years, outrage of the breeding season, there have always been a couple of dozen, sometimes more, around the local shops and the school, lwhich I can see from my back window. This winter there are rarely any at all in the neighbourhood.

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