A varied day today. At home it was nice to see a Greenfinch on the feeder [been a rarity for a number of years, previously having been the most common bird in the garden]. Also a Goldfinch collecting nest material this morning [fur from our dog]. A Greenfinch was collecting this resource yesterday.

Walked across the Barrage. A 1st cal yr Mediterranean Gull was feeding over the bay near the Penarth Marina side and there were c.1000 Black-headed Gulls were over the whole bay. No Wheatear on the barrage rocks, sadly. Sad to see a LBB Gull with what appeared to be a broken or at least badly damaged wing on the inner shore. It was gone when we came back – presumably swam off. A few Sand Martin were flying around over Roath Basin by Porth Teigr and one inspected a poss nest hole in the channel connecting to Roath Dock. There were none over the small dock just before the empty area where Dr Who Experience used to be, where there’s usually 20-30 nesting birds.

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