Heol y Cyw

A few observations from my ‘working from home desk’ this morning.

Treated to a goldcrest hovering the other side of the window like a humming bird whilst picking insects from under the eaves – fantastic to see but no camera to hand!

Another first was a pair of mating chaffinch . See chaffinches everyday but have never witnessed them actually mating before – Spring is in the air.

Otherwise, a really splendid looking male bullfinch, treecreeper, 2 nuthatch, lesser spotted woodpecker, grey wagtail checking out the pond, great, blue and coal tits, several robins and blackbirds, dunnock, house sparrow, wren, magpies, song thrush and a resident mistle thrush. Not easy getting any work done!

On the weekend, usual buzzards (up to 4), pair raven, single red kite and sparrowhawk, but also a peregrine. Still awaiting garden chiffchaff and other migrants such as blackcap and swallows. Carrion crows are still carrying lots of nesting material and have a woodpigeon on a nest in a conifer. Redwings may have departed.

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