Cosmeston, a.m.

Quite a productive morning. A Common Whitethroat was singing by the dipping pond, enabling some pohotos albeit distant. By the main boardwalk in the E lake reeds there was a singing Reed Warbler, singing Sedge Warlber and singing Cetti’s Warbler, and two Reed Buntings, although none of them showed, and another Reed Warbler was singing near where the hide used to be. Saw my first Speckled Wood of the year, which reminds me 2 days ago I had my first male Orange-tip, and also my first odonata in the form of a female Large Red Damselfly. On the Blackthorn blossom was a Tapered Drone-fly [Eristalis pertinax] and a common Honey Bee. A Cormorant was wing drying on the W lake posts.

One thought on “Cosmeston, a.m.

  1. That just reminded me that I forgot to record my first 2021 Speckled Wood at Fairwater Park on Thursday (the drama of the Heron eating the Moorhen chicks had driven it out of my mind, video is on the South Wales Birding Facebook page). Orange tips are becoming increasingly numerous with each passing day. We heard our first Whitethroat at Goldcliff on Wednesday.

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