Cardiff Bay

Alerted via Twitter to the presence of 10-12 Little Gulls in Cardiff Bay, so went down to Penarth Marina at about 6:45 p.m. to have a look. Many B-h Gulls sitting on the water way out mid bay and couldn’t really find any Littles with the scope. But during a scan a group of gulls suddenly took off and there was the tell-tale black ‘W’ across the wings of a 2nd yr bird. Others then popped into focus as did the black underwings of some adult birds, the total in the flock being 10. They flew up very high, then drifted eastwards and I lost them to view beyond the barrage, so assumed they’d left. Still scanning around for another 20 mins or so and then suddenly there was a 2nd yr bird feeding over the water, then another, then 2-3 adults. Whether these were from the original group I couldn’t say, or maybe they were different birds that had still been sitting distantly on the water. Some observers did report 12 birds but maybe there were more? Nice sight tho’ – the most I’ve seen together in the UK.

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