Llanwonno – Tues 8th June

A very successful evening trip to the Llanwonno forestry above Pontypridd, saw 11 participants delight in the performance of up to 7 Nightjars. Despite the midges we had excellent flight views of 4 birds, including a male that few right over our heads and perched up for a few seconds, and a female, then later a pair flying together. Others were seen and heard more distantly, and as we walked back to the cars, my torch and that of John Duffy caught the ‘eye glow’ of a churring bird not far off the road. Tree Pipits were singing and showing well and at least two Grasshopper Warblers were heard [not by me!], plus a Common Whitethroat and several Willow Warblers. A fly-by Cuckoo added to the show plus a few fly-over Lesser Redpolls.

2 thoughts on “Llanwonno – Tues 8th June

  1. Hi John, Rob, Catherine and I saw your post about the nightjars and we are quite excited about the idea of going up ourselves one evening next week to see if we can see them. It would help us enormously if you could give us more of an exact location – where you parked, what time you went and where the nightjars were. If that’s difficult on a public space like this, I am very happy for you to email me privately though I am not sure how to get you my email. Best wishes Sonya

  2. Hi John, I’ve just found your email so I will email you privately about this as I guess you may not want to share exact details of the nightjars location. Best wishes Sonya

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