Rhymney Est./Cardiff Heliport bay

WeBS count this a.m. delayed from yesterday. Just 450 Redshank off Green Pt and 2 Whimbrel, and a pair of Shelduck with 3 small ducklings was nice to see, so they bred nearby. An imm Kestrel was sitting on one of the pylons. As I walked back to the Tesco car park, there were a good number of butterflies by the overgrown banking including a Painted Lady. At the Heliport bay just 2 Oycs. At both locations there were c.1000 Black-headed Gulls. The Welsh Coast path leading round to Lamby Way just past the boatyard entrance was completely overgrown and impassable.

2 thoughts on “Rhymney Est./Cardiff Heliport bay

  1. Something of a contrast to my WEBS count at St Fagans museum yesterday then. Due to very noisy strimming and mowing around the ponds, plus one pond being cleared of vegetation, and many visitors, most birds had wisely gone elsewhere. 8 Canada Geese seemed unfazed – that was my total! No wonder they are so successful.

    1. The only disturbance I had yesterday was being followed around by a inquisitive traveller’s horse! …. and of course the trucks thundering along Rover Way, but that doesn’t affect the birds.

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