Upcoming trip & walk

There’s a trip to Kidwelly and Burry Port on Weds 18th Aug. High tide is around 2 p.m.. Please let me know by email if you would like to attend so I have an idea of numbers [johndw1948 at gmail dot com]. At present I think we shd still stick to our own transport as there’s no clear guidance on people sharing cars, although if one can travel on public transport [one assumes including taxis] with a mask then sharing car in the same manner could be argued to be no different. In any event in this case our usual meet point in N. Cardiff is in the wrong direction for me. At present I am inclined to suggest meeting at Burry Port first, at say 10 a.m. so that we have Kidwelly at its best on an incoming tide later. Otherwise meeting at Kidwelly at 10 would give us a long time around there before the tide became favourable. Below is a map showing the access to the Burry Port [old harbour] parking area. I note that just east of Burry Port town there’s a location called Ashpits Pond and Pwll Lagoon Nature Reserve. Does anyome know amnything about that?

Also there’s the standard KNNR monthly walk on Sat 21st Aug meeting at the KNNR centre at 9 a.m. Just turn up for that.

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