Nature Plan for Vale of Glamorgan

A 10 year local nature plan is being devised for the Vale of Glamorgan, and of course included in the plan is birds. Below is the text of a a request for interest that has come to GBC, with details of what is involves and who to contact.

Can you help out the birds of the Vale of Glamorgan? 
The Vale of Glamorgan Nature Partnership, with the support of the local authority, is preparing a ten year nature plan. As part of that work it needs to set out the species of birds that will be prioritised for the period. Getting this right is important, as the wide range of bodies involved in the Partnership, which includes Glamorgan Bird Club, will commit to taking conservation actions to support the species identified in the Plan. 
We are looking for individuals with an interest and some knowledge of the birds in the Vale to help us agree on the priority list. We will be holding two, or maybe three, hour-long virtual meetings  in October with the first one on October 5th at 4pm and the second in the final week. The meetings would be about an hour long, and would be provided with SEWBREC records to help come to a view. We will also be able to give some ideas about the kind of actions that could be taken to support the species identified. 
Please let us know if you can help out – even if you can’t make the meetings your views or ideas would be welcome. Please contact local member David Pritchard ( or @birdfossil on twitter) to express an interest or to feed in your thoughts. 

2 thoughts on “Nature Plan for Vale of Glamorgan

    1. Thanks Paul. We have already informed them of this via email exchanges, although of course BT does not have all the historical records. They wd need to get SEWBReC to extract those from MapMate. John W.

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