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Yesterday evening, 23 participants enjoyed an excellent talk via Zoom, by Naturetrek leader Tom Mabbett. It centered on his favourite locations in the UK, entitled “The best of Britain, Ardnamurchan to The Forest of Dean”. In fact it covered those two locations plus Spurn in E. Yorkshire, the Somerset Levels and a couple of locations in his local patch near Cheltenham. An interesting presentation by an clearly enthusiastic naturalist. Thanks to all who ‘attended’.
Many folk will have heard of Naturetrek, a UK based natural history tour company. During the peak Covid period they set up free online virtual tours to some of their destinations and also have a number of free online talks scheduled, which folk might find interesting. There are links to these below. The talk yesterday was one of another set of talks which are given for free, to suitable organisations or groups such as ours, by some of their leaders. Also of interest is the forest reserve set up in Ecuador using money from their carbon offset donations that are allocated for every individual making a trip with them. Rather like our own carbon offset collections for our trips except we won’t be creating an Ecuadorian rain forest!

Free online talks to sign up for:
Free virtual tours:
The carbon offeset nature reserve in Ecuador:

2 thoughts on “Recent talk

  1. Yes, a nice talk.

    Can you remind us where the GBC climate emergency / carbon offset fund goes? I’m afraid Janet and I haven’t contributed on a couple of outings as either we don’t carry change, or we weren’t asked.

    I’d be happy to make a compensating payment to the GBC fund or charity, or I could give to the Naturetrek forest. If I give a larger one-off donation, I won’t have to worry about not giving the one pounds for a while. Maybe others would like to do the same.

    1. John Wilson

      Hi Paul. Basically the monies collected are paid into the bank and logged as carbon offset income, so we have a record of how much is accumulating, and so far this financial year the toal is a bit over £100. For the talk specifiucally if you wish to make a donation in respect of that then that should go to Naturetrek, although we woudln’t exect members to feel obhliged to do that. Whether GBC itself shd do so is for the donations and sponsrship sub-group to decide. If you want to make an advance payment in respect of trips-to-come then that’s fine provded you keep a record yourself.

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