Sully foreshore

Walked along the Sully foreshore this morning by way of a change from the mud of Cosmeston. As we pulled into the dirt car park by the cricket ground there were 2-3 Rock Pipits feeding around a large puddle with a couple of Pied Wags. I backed the car in and parked and then looked out of the windscreen to see a Rock Pipit sitting on the bonnet looking at me! I wasn’t quick enough to grab a pic with camera or phone. I got out of the car slowly and it was very confiding and went back to feeding around the puddle, allowing for the shots below. In one you can see it has caught what looks like a small shrimp like creature. There were around 8 ‘Rockits’ in total, some feeding on the cricket pitch. No waders even tho’ the tide had only just started to recede, but it was v windy blowing up-channel, producing some impressive waves [for Sully].

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