Very sad news

We in the Glamorgan Bird Club are very sad to have to announce the recent passing of Richard Smith, who many members will remember with great affection.
His funeral will be at Thornhill Crematorium, Cardiff, on Weds 9th February at 2:45 p.m. and anyone who knew him is welcome.
Richard was a founder member of GBC and was actively involved with the club since its birth in 1989, and in the birding scene in South Wales for very many years. He was on the GBC committee for a good number of years, holding various posts, and did a stint as the County Recorder. He was continuously involved with the production of our annual Bird Report, as part of the editorial team from 1996 and as the photo editor until very recently.
Regular attendees at GBC indoor meetings will no doubt remember his entertaining talks about his and Sue’s travels around the world in search of new birds, and in recent years his love of ‘big cats’. His skills with a camera produced some wonderful images. Indeed it was with great pleasure that we commissioned a framed print of one of his favourite tiger images, as a thank you for his services as photo editor when he retired from that task last year. Anne and myself presented it to him at home and he was absolutely delighted with it and it’s such a shame that the pleasure and memories it gave him were so short lived.
Richard was an absolute gentleman and a pleasure to know and be with, and will be sorely missed. We collectively express our condolences to his lovely wife Susie. John Wilson on behalf of the GBC trustees.

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