Ty’n-y-Caeau Farm – Marcross

No pic [distant scope view only] but I caught up with the Cirl Bunting early afternoon at Ty’n-y-Caeau Farm, where GBC and the farmer have a strip of sacrifical crop. On arrival late a.m. I met Cliff Woodhead who said it had been seen earlier but then flew off [the bird, not Cliff! 😁]. I walked down the field and was pleased to meet Glyn Roberts. Spent about 1 1/2 hrs watching 6-7 Greenfinches coming to the lower feeder, then decided to give up. Walking back up the field, I noticed another obs enter the gate, and then there was a sudden eruption of birds out of the hedge near the gate. They hadn’t been there when I arrived. Pleased to see 3-4 Yellowhammers perch up on the hedge but then all birds flew away – there must have been 6-7 Yellowhammers. They headed in the Marcross direction and were lost to view. Started scoping all hedgerow tops, and then noticed a bird perched on a telephone wire – scoped it up and lo & behold … Cirl Bunting! It didn’t stay up there for long and dropped down out of sight. This was a few 100 metres east along the road to Marcross. I guess it was with the Yellowhammers that flew off. Later, a no show by Short-eared Owl at Rhoose although I only stayed until 3:45.

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