Forest of Dean

A Club trip with 20 participants to the Forest of Dean finished up logging 40 species. The full list is here. At New Fancy View some had distant views of two displaying Goshawk, a Sparrowhawk, many Buzzards and a very showy male Crossbill. At Parkend some finally had views of a Hawfinch high in a tree, plus a GReat Spotted Woodpecker. Highlights at a very busy Cannop Ponds, were the Mandarins, Grey Wagtail and a Marsh Tit. Full trip list is here.

2 thoughts on “Forest of Dean

  1. Richard Morgan

    Smashing photos, especially the male Crossbill. The Mandarin Duck is a real beauty. The pic of the Marsh tit is great for picking out those diagnostic features that would help distinguish it from the Willow tit , such as that small white patch on the upper mandible.

  2. John Wilson

    Thanks Richard. We were lucky with the Xbill. A group of 4 were in a ndearby Alder and the male suddnely decided to fly to the top of the conifer right in front of us! Couldn’t fail really. The Marsh Tit pics are pretty nig crops so I’m pleased the white spot is visible. It was one feature I explained to one of our party at the time. You can also see a hint of cap gloss too.

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