Interesting observation at Cosmeston, W lake this morning. A pretty aggressive fight between Great Crested Grebes. A pair had been displaying [see pic] and there was another pair present, one of which was tucked in close by the central viewpoint on the Mile Road. The other one of that pair was out in the middle. There was a lot of vocalisation from all concerned and then one of the displaying pair came shooting in and had a real go at the tucked-in bird, wings flying etc etc, just like Coots do. I couldn’t get any decent shots of the fight as the overhanging brambles were in the way but in one pic you can see one bird coming in with its partner still visible further out, and the attacked bird just visible through the undergrowth.
Also of interest a pair of Gadwall still present on W lake, a pair of Little Grebes, Willow Warbler singing, loads of Blackcaps and a lingering sum plum Black-headed Gull.

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